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We coach Leaders and Managers to ‘look in the mirror’, gain insight into their personal impact and maximise their own and their team’s performance.

Known for excellent relationships, intuitive reasoning and deep experience gained over 15 years within blue chip corporations we have seen and managed first hand the people issues you are facing in your organisation.

Hayley Hughes

Having worked in Senior HR, Talent Management and Leadership Development roles for large multinationals in the Telecommunications, Financial Services and Manufacturing industries for over 15 years,  Hayley is an experienced and commercially astute HR and L&D professional. She lives and breathes a positive emotionally intelligent approach and inspires others to realise their true value and potential.

Hayley’s strength in relationship management lends itself to Coaching Leaders and Managers to become the best they can be by delivering on significant behavioural change and making a difference to people’s lives at work.

A committed and determined influencer and negotiator, with a passion for accountability and driving results, Hayley will bring you enthusiasm, active listening, powerful questioning, and provide balanced feedback. You will have fun!


Clive Hyland Try Making Sense

Clive is able to call on 30 years direct experience of leading, managing and supporting businesses, including roles as CEO and COO of substantial corporate organisations. Over the last 10 years he has worked primarily coaching Business Leaders and their Top Teams and supporting them to lead strategic business and cultural change. He specialises in offering neuro-scientific insights to bring a fresh and powerful understanding what it really takes to get the best out of people and organisations.

His unique proposition is his ability to bring this business experience and neuro-scientific insight together to create client value and business growth.


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