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How well do you know your colleagues

January 17th, 2017

It’s an interesting question right?

After almost 20 years in Human Remains (!!) not a lot surprises me but in a workshop recently a Manager stated that he massages his colleagues in work and was shocked to discover that this might not really be appropriate.

People are often not aware of the boundaries of personal space, and whilst culture is often part of this our familiarity and relationships at work can cause confusion and present cross messages.

All employers will wish to provide an environment that is inclusive and supportive of all and colleagues will be encouraged to treat each other with dignity and respect and adopt a professional attitude at all times to create a positive working environment.

The Manager was shocked that this could land him in hot water with regards to a bullying and harassment claim, as he claimed that the attention was not “unwanted” however he had not really thought through the consequences of how the other colleagues felt about the situation and his position as a role model. I challenged him to really test whether the colleague was happy with this.

It’s an interesting one, to me it is unnecessary, potentially dangerous and not the actions of a People Manager.

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