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Bridging the Gap

July 20th, 2015

I recently had dinner with some old colleagues, we spent the evening regaling old stories of difficult cases, bad leaders, and toxic employees, and it struck me that when you have been managing leadership development programmes for as long as I have you often forget that it’s the basic management (and life may I add) skills that are the key to managing people and relationships.

Interpersonal effectiveness being of fundamental importance.

“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice” – Templeton

This got me thinking and I believe that the key skills that anyone managing any relationship needs are:

  • The ability to actively listen
  • The courage to provide effective and balanced feedback for people to truly develop – turning negatives into positives
  • The framework to coach

We live in a busy time, I am mindful that it can be an effort to balance work and life; and have to have words with myself when it gets too much (usually as a result of missing a school sports day as recently happened!) I then have deep feelings of shame and guilt, how could I have forgotten this? leading to stress (see my next blog) then I make more effort to be balanced, and reassess what is really important. Then something usually comes along to upset the equilibrium!


p.s. I have developed products that can provide managers with useful pointers and practical help in the areas above; they are available in the form of digital downloads and available to buy individually or in a Manager’s Toolkit Package or Coaching Package.

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