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Able to switch off on holidays?

August 3rd, 2015

If you answered Yes, this is a gift, enjoy it!

If you answered No, you are sadly not alone. The ILM recently reported that 3 out of 5 people find it impossible to switch off on annual leave, and that 73% are more anxious in the weeks preceding their holidays.

In addition statistics show that work is increasingly encroaching on people’s free time, as more and more people are using their evenings and weekends to cope with overstretched work schedules.

Flexible working will help with work life balance but it is important to take time off to relax, reflect and recharge.

Technology has made it simple to stay in touch, the ever present phone and tablet (I have to admit to even taking my laptop with me on holidays on occasion) means we are constantly checking in on work.

This can also be down to organisation culture, the fear of what will be waiting when you return means that working whilst on leave may be something we’ll have to live with. Personally it makes me feel more relaxed as I feel that I am keeping on top of things and not coming back to unexpected issues and surprises, but I make sure not to let it encroach on family time.

Employees have cited that a healthy work life balance is the top definition of workplace success, so organisations must ensure that people aren’t made to feel fearful of actually taking a proper break, and that they are not expected to be working whilst away.

As an organisation you should encourage the taking of full holiday allowance and put systems in place to enable proper handovers of work. Our Annual leave Policy and Procedure provides a ready to use example.

The rewards will be a refreshed, energised employee ready for the future challenges – and if you can’t leave your laptop at home – be sure it does not encroach on your quality away time.

Employees state that their emotional and physical health and wellbeing is most important to them at work,  but do not believe that this is reflected by employers, we have designed a series of Health & Wellbeing articles that you can use as part of an integrated approach to managing health & Wellbeing, the focus is on innovation and prevention.

And encourage people to switch off on their holidays!!

Thanks for reading.


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