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Festive Fun

December 9th, 2015

Before I start this blog post I want to caveat it by saying this is a bit of fun, and attempts to take the preverbial Michael out of us HR folk; often seen as the internal police it is sometimes tempting to take the moral high ground as if we’ve never lived (those who know me know that I have!)

HR folks dread the office party, where we’ll often be demonstrating tactics akin to undercover cops, trying but failing miserably to be inconspicuous, only to be collared by someone who didn’t get that promotion or pay-rise and they blame us! Raises a question about who is running the business but that’s another blog…

So here goes, I did not scribe this but find some way to share it each Christmas because I can relate to so many of these (remember though, it’s a bit of fun)

holiday related wisdom for HR folk everywhere.

1.Employees sometimes do stupid stuff. At Christmas time and otherwise.
Just deal with it.
2.Resist the urge to worry too much about vicarious liability, discrimination and constructive dismissal. Although it is probably a good idea not to put any mistletoe up in the office.
3.Resist the urge to write any sort of policy.
4.Resist the urge to put any sort of disclaimer about behaviour in any Christmas party related literature. 

5.If someone wants to punch Bob from Accounts on the dance floor after 12 pints of beer then they will do it anyway. See points 1 and 2.
6.Resist the urge to write special rules about absence from work after social events. See point 2.
7.Apply Christmas common sense.
8.Avoid sprouts in an office environment at all times. This is especially important in small or poorly ventilated offices.
9.Never, ever, buy Secret Santa presents from Ann Summers.
10. Enjoy yourself. Put a tree up. Eat some Quality Street. Wear a Christmas jumper.

Hope it made you smile.

Happy Christmas, have a good one and hope to see you in 2016


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