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How Coaching can improve your business

January 21st, 2016

The only certainty in business (and life for that matter) is change, evolution, the best people managers understand this and create environments where people are given space to self reflect, and are actively encouraged to improve themselves.

Whilst many organisations identify that coaching is a critical leadership tool, many struggle to evaluate the return on investment and therefore are put off by the cost.

The benefit of coaching, simply put is your competitive edge!!

Today’s organisational landscape has changed from autocratic ‘command and control’ to a style where all people are encouraged to contribute in an inclusive environment. Within this democratic culture the ability of the organisation to optimise performance lays in their grasp of coaching. Providing training to your employees is fundamental, however without the opportunity for people to put this into practice only 20% of what is learned in the classroom is retained 3 months later. This is because people get sucked back into the day to day challenges of their jobs and the learning is not given the opportunity to be explored and therefore no real change in behaviour occurs.

“The best way of learning about anything is by doing” Richard Branson

There are myths around workplace Coaching which centre around confusion with counselling and therapy; these are quite different and tend to deal with issues that are in the past, whereas coaching deals with present and future and focuses on creativity, performance and action.

Mentoring is also often confused with coaching, but mentoring occurs when an individual needs guidance on specific work related tasks, the mentee looks for advice from the mentor and draws on their experience.

A coach is a facilitator and does not necessarily have to have specific work related knowledge to coach; it is about facilitating the individual to develop their own skills and knowledge.

The other Myth around Coaching is that it must be highly complex, however this does not need to be the case, the most effective coaching processes are simple, we offer a package of Coaching tools which can provide all managers with a process and skills to start their coaching journey. Coaching features heavily in our Leadership development and Coaching offering and we also design and deliver sophisticated Leadership programmes.

Should you require practical advice on any employment related matter get in touch, we can help take the pain away letting you get on with your real job!

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